Reward Policy For Students & Faculty Evaluation

  • Rewards policy is an effective way in which we can celebrate student achievement and positive student behaviour. The use of this policy within the classroom is a form of motivation for students, encouraging them to participate cooperatively in academic and social learning experiences.
  • A clear and fair rewards system is an integral component of a good school, and key to motivating and developing the potential of our students.
  • We can reward students for Attendance, Punctuality, Good/outstanding classwork/homework, Being helpful to staff and students, Exceptional adherence to uniform policy, Outstanding Academic Achievement and Effort in the form of Verbal feedback/praise, Written feedback/praise, Comments during Parents Evening, Certificates, Badges, Medals, Termly prizes including vouchers, stationary etc.
  • Teacher evaluations matters a lot for both to teachers and to institution.
  • Teacher evaluation will be based on classroom observations conducted by principals or school administration, with the help of checklists, samples of student’s work, teacher’s records and lesson plans. This process will be conducted through online portal.
  • This process is designed for teacher’s development and identify opportunities for additional support where required. By helping teachers achieve their full potential, the evaluation process will be used for achieving high levels of student performance.
  • We will provide a platform where parents can give their feedback through online portal, on PTMs or they can personally visit campus.
  • This information will allow us to see where our strengths lie and also the areas in which we need to improve.

Our Distinctive Features

Being an educational setup, though the major emphasis remains on building strong academic base of the students, yet developing a multiple skill set is our targeted priority. The Knowledge House achieves this target by delivering these conducive features;

Position Winning Pace

Pragmatic Approach for Character Enlightenment

Regular Performance Evaluation System

In-house Monitoring and Higher Management Follow Up

Well Schemed Course Coverage

Additional Coaching for Decent Learning Areas

Interactive Learning Approach

Personality Grooming Activities

Project-based Learning

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